Internet Basics Tutorial Videos to Kickstart Online Learning

Video Tutorial Roundup From the Website Library

I’d like to take this opportunity to present some of the videos curated into Website Library that deal with internet basics. A lot of you out there may already be up to speed on these topics. This article is mainly aimed at individuals that are not aware and are dipping their toes into the water because they are curious about the internet and how it works.

Internet Basics Tutorial Videos

Below are a series of videos curated into the video library on Website Library that deal with the internet basics such as where things like the web have come from, what is a web browser, what is an IP address and more.

History of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee the creator of the World Wide Web

While not as old as the internet itself, the invention of the web was a pivotal turning point for the masses to get online. This meant we could all start experiencing a lot of the services that we take for granted today. Whether this is sending and receiving emails or surfing the web using a web browser.

A Brief History of the World Wide Web is a short video produced by CERN that gives an overview of the history of the web. How the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee made his discovery whilst working at CERN and how the web developed into the worldwide essential tool we know it as today.

View A Brief History of the Word Wide Web. (Duration: 3mins 36secs)

What is a Web Browser?

Learn more about how a web browser works

Now we will move on to the next logical step of what is a web browser. In this video, Treehouse explains in an easy to understand way how the web browser has developed and how it operates.

Most of us use web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc everyday and may not have a good understanding of how they have evolved and the processed that actually happen when you visit a website.

If you are curious and would like to know more take sometime to view What is a Web Browser? One of many ways to access the internet. (Duration: 8mins 42secs)

Internet vs Web, so what is the difference?

The terms internet and web get used interchangeably a lot, but are they the same? The simple answer to that is no. The web is a subset of the internet. This video by Techquickie presents this point with easy to understand analogies to get the point across.

Be entertained while picking up a few lessons about the internet and the web by viewing Internet vs World Wide Web – The Difference Explained. (Duration: 5mins 25secs)

What is a cookie?

Browser cookies storing information for good or bad

While not venturing too far away from our lesson on what a browser is, let’s have a look at what cookies are. Most people come across the term cookie when they receive a message to clear your cookies. However quite often that’s as far as the understanding goes!

This video by Digital Power puts together a presentation on what cookies are and how they were intended to facilitate a customised experience on the web. However, cookies have been under the microscope in recent times about privacy invasion.

If you have no idea what cookies are about have a look at What is a cookie? to gain a better understanding. (Duration: 4mins 34secs)

What is an IP address?

What is an IP Address exactly?

An IP address is a term that you will commonly come across while dealing with computers. Explained. By George uses an analogy of sending a letter to his Aunty Mu and getting a reply to give an example of how IP addresses work. If he goes a little too quick, just stop and rewind the video. The lively pianola adds to the pace a little too!

View What is an IP address? (Duration: 3mins 33secs)

What is TCP/IP?

Learn about the TCP/IP protocol

Now we get into something that’s a little more complex. That’s TCP/IP. Don’t tune out though because it’s a useful thing to know about to help to understand how data moves across the web. If you’ve watched the videos above it’ll help to piece together some questions you might be having about how your computer applications talk to servers across the internet.

Join Techquickie again in another upbeat, well-presented tutorial video. View What is TCP/IP? Duration: 6mins 10secs.

Learn HTML basics in 2 hours

Two hour free HTML course for beginners

I’ve added this HTML tutorial video here because if you are interested in the web and want to learn more about how it all works, you might want to try writing a little bit of HTML. While not technically a programming language as such it’s more a formatting or “markup” language. This makes it relatively easy to work with. It makes up the fundamental visual display building blocks to the web and used nearly everywhere!

During this free HTML course, you will explore the following…

  • Choose a text editor to write your HTML code
  • Creating and naming an HTML file
  • Look at the most common HTML tags used for building a website
  • Uncover what comments are and how they can organise your code
  • Have a look at basic HTML styling to change the appearance of your HTML code
  • Formatting and structuring an HTML document
  • Learn how to create web page links
  • Embed images and videos into your HTML page
  • Format text content into lists for better presentation
  • Create tables to display data as a spreadsheet would
  • Use HTML wrapper tags to facilitate more advanced styling
  • Embed external web pages into a section of a web page using iframes
  • Discover the use of meta tags to add additional information to describe and configure an HTML document.

Join Mike Dane as he presents this informative HTML course. View Free HTML Course – Tutorial on How to Build a Website. (Duration: 2hrs 02mins)

Further Video Tutorials from the Website Library

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