Artificial Intelligence and The New Computing Revolution

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Us Globally and Personally

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing and advertising space has been on the rise. AI assistants have gravitated towards customer relationship management, lead generation, and even social media marketing.

New AI Computing Revolution
There is no doubt AI is contributing to a new computing revolution like we have never seen before

The Pros and Cons of AI Assistants

The pros of AI assistants are that they can take care of customer service inquiries, automate tasks like responding to emails, schedule meetings, create reports, and send reminders. The cons to AI assistants are that they cannot replace humans around the workplace due to their lack of understanding or empathy. In contrast, this is where human employees will excel.

We are witnessing the emergence of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. According to the latest research, AI will disrupt more than 50% of all occupations in the next ten years. This includes marketing and advertising where chatbots are already being used to automate contact centre services or content writers who can use AI writing assistants to automate their day-to-day tasks.

AI assistants will provide more advanced data analysis and automation than humans can do on their own. For example, when it comes to chatbots, they can process millions of records in just hours that humans would need days or even weeks to do.

AI assistants will also help with understanding human behaviour better by tracking users’ facial expressions and providing accurate translation tools for international markets.

There is no doubt that AI will change the way we work in the future.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World

Artificial intelligence has changed the world in many ways, and it is poised to continue doing so. A lot of the changes are happening on a very personal level. 

Artificial intelligence has made our lives easier by automating tasks, providing us with an instant response to any question or information we may need, or providing us with entertainment. 

Artificial intelligence is also changing the way we work and live. It is changing the way we purchase goods and services through online shopping channels. Providing personalised recommendations of things to buy. Picking out restaurants for us where to go for dinner or suggesting what movie to watch next.

AI Health Professional
Technologies are used to detect medical problems, increase life expectancy and reduce healthcare costs

The future of artificial intelligence will be even more dramatic than its present form. Some believe that artificial intelligence will usher in a new era of rapid technological progress that will solve many of humanity’s problems.

Artificial intelligence will shape the world in years to come. But what are the pros and cons of artificial intelligence?

The pros of AI are improved productivity, better customer service, and improved quality of products or services. On the other hand, one of the big concerns about AI is that it will cause mass unemployment.

There are cases when there are no downsides to artificial intelligence. Take the example of when the technology is utilised to identify medical problems to increase life expectancy or reduce healthcare costs.

AI is developing in many different areas such as computer software, robotics, medicine, education, business management and economics.

Artificial Intelligence In the Home

Artificial intelligence assistants are now available for the home in many forms. These AI assistants come in a range of types.


These AI assistants often have sensors to map out the environment and avoid obstacles. They can also be programmed to perform certain tasks around the house, such as taking care of your plants or setting your alarm clock.

Smart Speakers

These devices are voice-activated and controlled by conversational language. They can answer questions, create appointments, play music, and control smart home devices like lighting and heating systems.

Digital Personal Assistants

These AI virtual assistants help you stay on top of your tasks and appointments through smartphone or desktop apps. They can remind you about important deadlines or make suggestions on how best to spend your time based on what activities you generally prefer.

The way we live in the future will be drastically different from how we live now. The internet of things will enable a home to become smarter and more connected with an Artificial Intelligence system.

It is estimated that by 2020, there may be close to 100 billion devices connected to the internet of things. This will have a huge impact on our daily lives. One example is automatic lights. When you enter a room and the lights switch on. Smart fridges that alert you when you are running low on milk and automatically order more.

Shortly, AI assistants in our homes may be able to do everything from booking dinner reservations at a restaurant for later in the evening to giving us advice about what clothes look best.

AI Powered Robotic Arm in Factory
AI-powered robotic arm fueling better output efficiency in the manufacturing industry

What are the Dangers & Risks Associated with AI?

AI is a hot topic in the media and academic circles. The dangers and risks that AI poses to society are an important topic of study for many scholars. Academics have also started to identify specific dangers to the population. These include economic risks, legal risks, and moral risks. 

In this section, we will explore these different types of risks associated with AI.

The first type of risk associated with artificial intelligence is an economic risk. More precisely, the authors mention that automation can lead to a decrease in wages for some professions. To add, a reduction in the number of jobs available for humans in general. However, others have argued that automation can also create new jobs.

AI is seen as one of the more important technological developments of the 21st century because it has immense possibilities to make our lives more efficient. However, AI has both dangers and risks that need to be considered.

Some experts fear that AI can replace human workers in the future. They also worry that increased use of AI will lead to higher rates of unemployment.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence – What is Coming in the not too distant future

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology and if you are in the tech industry, then you should be aware of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

The future is coming into view with AI inventions that will change the world. We might even see a time when AI becomes more intelligent than human beings – which means that they will be able to do tasks better than humans.

Focusing on what may come shortly needs to be tempered with wisdom. You can read about how much smarter AI could get in the next few years, what jobs it might take over, and how much their abilities can already exceed ours today.

Within the next decade, we’ll see AI become a part of our daily lives. It will not only be in the workplace and our homes but it will also be integrated into our day to day routines.

Artificial intelligence is making significant progress and we are now able to see some of the ways it is impacting our future.

AI is being implemented in many industries, from finance to healthcare. In this new age of innovation, AI is making significant progress and we are now able to see some of the ways it is impacting our future.