Good SEO Training Courses Online that Are Completely Free

SEO Training Courses Online

Are Online SEO Courses Beneficial? SEO courses and training systems provide a great option for those who want to learn how to become an SEO professional. These courses are designed to help people understand the concepts of SEO and how it is done. It will teach you all about SEO techniques, how they work, and … Read more

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Artificial Intelligence and The New Computing Revolution

New AI Computing Revolution

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Us Globally and Personally Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing and advertising space has been on the rise. AI assistants have gravitated towards customer relationship management, lead generation, and even social media marketing. The Pros and Cons of AI Assistants The pros of AI assistants are that they can … Read more

The Future of SEO and How Search Engine Algorithms Are Changing

Future of SEO and How Search Engine Algorithms Are Changing

How SEO algorithms are changing in 2021 As an individual embarking on a journey of SEO exploration, the outlook ahead may seem quite daunting due to thousands of Google algorithm updates released every year.  In this video, Neil Patel talks about the changing nature of SEO in 2021 and what you can do about it … Read more

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Is CodeIgniter 4 Easy To Learn?

Is Codeigniter Easy To Learn?

If you are looking for an easy to learn PHP framework, CodeIgniter is a great place to start. Yes, it’s comparatively easy to learn compared to some of the other PHP frameworks. I’d also recommend exploring other PHP frameworks like Laravel as it has great popularity and a huge development community. For the new developer … Read more