Artificial Intelligence and The New Computing Revolution

New AI Computing Revolution

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Us Globally and Personally Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing and advertising space has been on the rise. AI assistants have gravitated towards customer relationship management, lead generation, and even social media marketing. The Pros and Cons of AI Assistants The pros of AI assistants are that they can … Read more

Future of Information Technology

Future of Information Technology

Information technology forever evolving Since the invention of modern computers, we’ve seen an intensifying pace at which technology is thundering forward. So to try to predict what information technology is going to look like in the future needs tempering with how far in the future we are looking. Also, not to mention, what aspect of … Read more

Future Home Technologies Changing the Way We Live

Future Home Technologies

So how is smart home tech going to change our household and why? You might say that technology hasn’t changed your life that much over the years and that’s probably true from a certain perspective. The techno-geeks seem to sprout about how a new type of technology is coming out and your life is never … Read more