A Liberating Digital World: Exploring Qortal’s Decentralised Network

decentralised network qortal

In the realm of decentralised networks, Qortal stands as a beacon of innovation and true decentralisation. Qortal proudly showcases its commitment to a community-driven and developed ecosystem, ensuring complete freedom and security. Through its unique Egalitarian Consensus Protocol, Leveling System, and Blockchain-Secured Distributed Data Network, Qortal envisions a digital landscape where security and liberty harmoniously … Read more

Rise of Voice Interfaces: Shaping the Future of Web Development

Rise of Voice Interfaces: Shaping the Future of Web Development

The rise of voice interfaces has revolutionised the way we interact with technology. With voice-controlled applications and websites becoming increasingly prevalent, web developers must adapt their skills to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of web development.  Here, we will explore the growing significance of voice interfaces, examine their impact on applications and websites, and … Read more

Humans Becoming Increasingly Dependent on Artificial Intelligence

Humans Dependent On AI

As technology advances, humans increasingly depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a rapidly growing field and has become integral to many aspects of our everyday lives. By automating mundane tasks, AI is allowing us to save time and energy for more meaningful pursuits. Its potential applications range from entertainment to healthcare, retail, and defence. … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and The New Computing Revolution

New AI Computing Revolution

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact Us Globally and Personally Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing and advertising space has been on the rise. AI assistants have gravitated towards customer relationship management, lead generation, and even social media marketing. The Pros and Cons of AI Assistants The pros of AI assistants are that they can … Read more