Use Docker Containers as a General Computer User

Docker is Not Just For Web Developers and DevOps Professionals

This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge of the command line and general concepts around computer servers. However, by no means do you need to be an expert! The main thing is you are interested in Docker. This is essential! 

Docker Containers For General Computing

Let me introduce you to a YouTube channel that looks at Docker containers and how to install them. 

If you don’t know what Docker is all about or you are discouraged by the apparent outward complexity. Maybe think again. The DB Tech channel demonstrates how to install Docker containers in a way that’s easy to understand for the general computer user.

A Good Way Of Discovering New Browser-based Applications That Can Be Used on Your Local Network

While I use Docker on a more technical level, I also like to watch this YouTube channel to find the latest Docker containers available out there. 

Discover what’s new and useful online so I can incorporate it into my home lab to make working more efficient. Not to mention general entertainment applications that you can run for things like video and audio media.

For anyone that has a spare computer that they would like to run as a server on their local computer network, why not try running Docker. As long as your computer can run the minimum Docker specifications, you are good to go.

Time to Try a Photo and Video Media Management Application as an Example – PhotoPrism

Let’s take the example of setting up a photo and video-sharing website on your local intranet. This video by DB Tech shows you how to set up PhotoPrism. This is an application but you can run it through your browser to upload photos and videos. It also has a photo gallery to view everything you have uploaded. If you are familiar with Google photos you know what I’m talking about. It has a very slick and cool interface. 

You can head on over to the PhotoPrism website to have a look at a demo. I’m sure you’ll be quietly surprised.

The video starts by reviewing the PhotoPrism website and navigating through some of the main features in the demo section. It is good to know what the application is all about before going ahead and installing via Docker.

Configuring and Installing the Application With Docker Compose 

From there, he investigates the documentation on GitHub. Here, the PhotoPrism source code is available for review or download. Although, mainly what you are after is the Docker compose file. This is used to configure and install the application. 

Quite often, modifications need to be made to the docker-compose file to make things work for your system. This is where DB tech gives some good suggestions to streamline the process. 

A word of caution here. If you are using any of these applications in a production environment on a server, double-check your security settings. I have found that some things get overlooked.

Although, if you are just installing Docker applications on your local computer network there shouldn’t be too many problems.

Follow Along With the Video Tutorials Step By Step

So if you follow along with the video, you will be taken through all the configuration settings in the Docker compose file that DB Tech has previously tested. He also gives you an idea of what everything means so you’re not left wondering.

Once all the configuration settings are made you will then have the opportunity to install the application. From there, test whether everything has worked in your browser. 

Use a Container Manager Like Portainer to Make Life Easier

He quite commonly uses another application called Portainer that manages Docker containers. It’s worth checking out this application as well because it makes life a lot easier. Mainly for individuals that are not proficient at working with the command line.

If you don’t already have Docker installed on your Windows or macOS machine. Take a look at this online video tutorial. It should get you up and running quickly.  

This author also has another video to give you a better background on what Docker is all about. 

Give it Some Time – You’ll Discover Docker Can Be a Great Tool as a General Computer User

It may require a little bit of time and perseverance, but once you get up and running with Docker, you will soon discover how many applications you can tap into for your local intranet. 

Docker makes installing web-based applications quick and easy once you are familiar with the general concepts.