Website Library Blogging On!

Blog objectives moving forward

Here we are at the start of the Website Library blog, located I feel it’s always good to mark the beginning of something new and set out some of your objectives moving forward. The goal of the Website Library blog is to write and publish informative articles that are apart from the main Website Library website. The topics covered are broadly centered around computing with an educational intent. Some example of these being the following…

  • Website Design and Development
  • System Administration and DevOps
  • Poject Management
  • Future Technologies
  • A wide range of web related subjects

The main Website Library site

The main Website Library site is located at and has been structured as an educational library. At the time of writing it features eight main virtual “book shelves” that include “books” or ebooks and related educational resource material. These mainly being online video courses and tutorials. The virtual bookshelves include the following topics…

  • Beginners – For anyone new to web technology and lookingfor a pathway into higher learning areas such as web development and system administration.
  • Contracting Web Services – This area is mainly for business owners, project managers and departments wanting to hire web development services but may not know where to start.
  • Project Management –  This bookshelf contains learning material to assist with putting together projects more successfully.
  • Social Media Marketing – Learning material related to promoting your business online. Social networks, advertising networks, search engine optimisation (SEO) and more.
  • Security – Covering topics around internet cybersecurity. Hacking, penitration testing, network and software vulnerabilities and more.
  • Front-End Web Development – Topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various frameworks.
  • Back-End Web Development – Back-end development languages such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, GO and many others.
  • System Admin and DevOps – Servers technology, server applications, networks, containerisation, command line tools and more.